What’s it about?
After Theo’s (Joaquin Phoenix) childhood sweetheart leaves him, he hermits himself away from the world but finds companionship in an artificial intelligence computer program.

What did we think?
Dan says:
You know when you see two people in the first flush of love and they’re effervescent with affection, and your cynical partner rolls their eyes but you tell them, ‘Well I think it’s cute’? Spike Jones captures that cloying and trite behaviour in a manner that feels fresh and joyful. The conceit that one partner is an A.I. turns the trite into sincere, the cloying into guilelessness.

The future presented here is incredibly well thought out. It feels very advanced but connected to our own hi-tech state of being. It fits comfortably around this beautiful love story that guides you through the tricky pastures of forbidden love and an entity’s sense of their place in the universe. Truly spell-binding. Only a monster* would not be touched by this film

*Dan’s wife says: It was cloying and trite. I hated it.


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