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When ghosts start to plague the people of Manhattan, four women with paranormal expertise and badass skills band together to save the city. Who you gonna call?

What did we think?

Francesca Percy says: Hallelujah and praise Zuul! It’s been a long time since I saw a movie and wanted to go right back in and see it again; but this fun, joyous, smart, ridiculous, hilarious film made me want to.

As a die-hard fan of the original I was apprehensive about this re-boot, but it has the same fantastic spirit and strikes the right balance between honouring the past and forging a new path. The new ghostbusting foursome are a treat to watch (plus Chris Hemsworth’s comedic side really shines), as are the special effects; from the old-school toys to the new flashy ghosts.


5 comments on “Ghostbusters

  1. Dan Beeston says:

    I found the film both self-indulgent and pandering (which is a weird combination). The self indulgent stuff still unearths a lot of fun stuff that echoes its source material (that was also self-indulgent) but the pandering is ham-fisted. Ultimately it’s fun silly stuff that young teens are going to go out of their minds over.

    3.5 stars

  2. It’s not the mess some feared but it’s not great either. There are certainly enough nostalgic scenes and cameos to entertain and even hints at a good plot but it builds to… well a very anti-climactic ending. Melissa McCarthy plays Melissa McCarthy while Kate McKinnon’s character alternates between the most interesting ghostbuster and most annoying with over-the-top reactions in the background. It’s obviously made by people who loved the original which makes it odd that they missed some of the reasons the first was so very good. It’s fun enough but not going to be remembered as a classic.

  3. Andrew Danyals says:

    It’s the third best ghostbusters move. OF ALL TIME!

  4. Robert Stephens says:

    Guys, do you remember when every girl you knew raved about Bridesmaids while we were just ‘eh, it’s ok”? Yeah this movie feels like that.

  5. Andrew, I’mma gonna let you finnish …

    Oh, and the movie is good fun. 3.5 stars

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