Fruitvale Station

What’s it about?
The tragic true story of 22-year-old Oscar Grant III, who was fatally shot by an Oakland transport-police officer on the morning of New Year’s Day, 2009, following an altercation on a train. Viral video footage at the scene showed he was completely apprehended and posed no threat.

What did we think?
Alex says: We follow Grant (Michael B. Jordan, who fans of The Wire will remember as the equally ill-fated young Wallace) on what is to be the final day of his life. He’s no angel and has done time in prison but he is turning his life around and genuinely cares for his girlfriend and daughter. After his mother’s (The Help’s Octavia Spencer) birthday, Grant and his friends celebrate a fateful New Year’s Eve on the town. A very well-acted dramatisation that is thoroughly deserving of its two Sundance awards. Not a feel-good hit.


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