Endless Love

What’s it about?
Introverted, scholarly-yet-gorgeous teen Jade (Gabriella Wilde) falls in love with David (Alex Pettyfer), the hot young son of a local mechanic. Jade’s doctor father, Reverend Camden, will have none of it.

What did we think?
Marnie Clarke says: My companion pointed out Endless Love’s resemblance to a Tommy Hilfiger commercial, with its pretty leads and all-American lunches on the deck by the lake. There’s even a token sassy black friend for light comic relief. Jade and David fall in love via montage and have appropriately photogenic sex by the fire. But, the problem with forgoing meaningful dialogue in favour of cutesy loved-up montages is that you rob your audience of reasons to care about the relationship. Reverend Camden does his best to create dramatic tension, and David’s bad-boy past comes into the picture, but none of this is new, fresh or even interesting. But then I overheard other women gushing about it afterwards so maybe I just have a heart of stone. I gave it half a star because Jade has nice hair.


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