Captain Fantastic

What’s it about?
A father raising his family of six children in the American wilderness, using a strict regime of training and learning, finds his life – and parenting – turned upside down when’s he forced to return to the real world.

What did we think?
Angela Young says: This beautifully imagined film is a joy to behold, confidently tackling topics as diverse as socialism, survivalism, mental illness, social justice and what constitutes the ‘right’ way to bring up your children in our muddled modern world. A great tale of familial love and loss, it brilliantly documents nature crashing headfirst into contemporary America. Viggo Mortensen’s performance as rugged, determined father Ben is brilliant, his authority and stern morals never enough to stop the viewer vouching for him every step of the way. Eldest son Bo, played with raw emotion by George Mackay, provides some great moments, of gripping drama as well as twinkling comedy, and the rest of the kids provide star turns.


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