What’s it about?
A boy called Mason literally grows up before our eyes. No, seriously… This film uses the same cast over 12 years.

What did we think?
Elizabeth says: The sheer scope of this film is reason enough to make it compulsory viewing. IT’S 12 YEARS. WITH THE SAME CAST. Apparently not even their contracts could legally cover the whole span of the filming. Boyhood is the closest thing you’ll get to seeing real-life on the big screen without it being a documentary. It doesn’t feel scripted, and yet it is. It doesn’t feel directed, and yet it is – meticulously. Not a lot happens in Hollywood terms… there’s no big climax, no massive turning point, no soaring violin strings or life-altering decisions to make… Here is a film with next to no plot, and yet it’s one of the most compelling offerings to grace our screens in years.


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