What’s it about?
Colorado Springs is welcoming their first black officer to the force. He ingratiates himself over the phone with the local Ku Klux Klan before becoming their first African American member.

What we thought
Dan says: This is exactly what a dark comedy should be. Not a lot of dumb gags but a compelling and humorous look at a true story of Ron Stallworth. People with an interest in progressive politics will get a lot out of this but so long as you don’t emotionally bond with neo-nazis you should enjoy this thrilling romp.

Warning: Spike Lee uses his platform to append real footage of race crimes as an addendum to the film. While the message is powerful it is confronting and adds little to the film’s story. I preferred to avoid this footage when I first had the opportunity to see it and didn’t appreciate it being sprung on me. Avoid this segment is you’re sensitive.

3.5 stars


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