What’s it about?
Mitch Buchanan (Dwayne Johnson) is the ultimate boy scout of lifeguards. But when illegal drugs threaten the sanctity of his bay, he and his team take it upon themselves to expose the criminal plot.

What did we think?
Lisa Clifford says: I really wanted to like this one. I used to love watching the cheesy 90s original and I even appreciate the genial charms of Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron. But by the mid-way mark, I was ready to raise an arm and call for somebody to ‘saaaaaaaaaaave me’ (*cue theme song*).

Despite a few laughs and a LOT of gratuitous (but equal opportunity!) body shots, Baywatch suffers a MAJOR identity crisis that causes a lack of cohesion. Is it a re-boot? A parody of the original? Or an awkward continuation of the original Baywatch universe, where the ‘new class’ of lifeguards have the have the exact same names as their predecessors for some bizarre reason? Good luck trying to figure it out, because I doubt anyone involved with the movie has yet.


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