GAH! Charlize Theron and Ron Livingston have a third baby! It’s awful. The other two children are bad enough. So many children! Nappies! Sore nipples! Sleep Deprivation! Dear Lord! It’s like one of those educational health films from high school except this time they’re using a more persuasive technique to get you to use condoms. At any rate, a savant babysitter turns up and everything settles down a bit.

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  1. Dan Beeston November 1, 2018

    This paints the portrait of parenthood, warts and all, and when Tully finally turns up to get things in order it’s with a sigh of relief from the audience as well. Great moments of cinematography, charming performances and some decently funny jokes allow this film to stick the landing. If you’re single, watch this film and pat yourself on the back for good decisions made. If you’ve had kids, enjoy watching what you’ve already survived. And if you’ve got a newborn… God help you.

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