The rich are getting richer at an astronomical rate.
The poor are getting poorer at a faster rate.
The GFC was created by bankers obsessed with greed and riches.
We, the people, bailed out the banks with trillions of our dollars – putting our nations in debt.
Yet the bank bosses continue to earn over 300 times the wage their cleaners earn.

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  1. Stephen Scott November 9, 2018

    Have you read the above synopsis or watched the trailer? Then you’ve seen the film.

    If you don’t know the basic details about how inequality is the basis of capitalism, then go ahead and watch Russell repeat the same thing over and over and over again for an hour and a half, until the last minute when he tells you his piss-poor solution.

    For a more balanced view, watch a real documentary about the GFC (the ABC’s recent Making Australia Great: Inside Our Longest Boom is an excellent place to start) or read the news instead.

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