In a dystopian fu … sigh. Come on everyone, say it with me: Evoking epic themes, the chosen one flees persecution, seeking a hate- (and adult) free utopia, overcoming perils with heartbreaking sacrifice.

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  1. Stephen Scott October 29, 2018

    It’s perfect for tweens born too late for --select your preferred coming-of-age analogy – Hunger Games / Maze Runner / Twilight / Harry Potter / Buffy / Star Wars / Logan’s Run / Tomorrow People / Lord of the Flies / Watership Down / I’m sorry if I missed your favourite--.

    Don’t get me wrong, kids WILL love it because it IS their version of the teenager heroes journey.

    It just a shame this seen-it-before, plot-hole-ridden, quest-for-a-new-cash-cow is aiming to fill the gap for gen-whatever-are-we-up-to-now as it frustratingly fails to reach its potential and feels like a pilot for a Netflix series of Legion Jnr.

    Special, one-off tiered rating system:

    30 and over: ★☆ (you’ve seen it before done so much better)
    18 – 30: ★★☆ (your tastes are still developing – it’s not that bad)
    Under 18: ★★★☆ (go on, you’ll love it)

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