Aretha Franklin was more than just a woman with a powerful, beautiful voice. She was a fighter: for herself, black rights, and women’s rights. She just needed time to find her purpose and make her mark.

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  1. Stephen Scott August 19, 2021

    Talent is useless without purpose.

    “I need hits!” Aretha repeats ad nauseam in her quest for stardom. What she needed was to find her voice. That’s the theme of the movie and the memo the editor lost.

    Jennifer Hudson’s homage to the Queen of Soul is an Oscar worthy performance, but there’s something amiss in this biopic of the legend who was Aretha Franklin. Technically the film is perfect. The performances sublime. It’s just 30 to 60 minutes too long.

    Yes, Miss Franklin was sexually abused as a child, was a victim of domestic violence, and had a severe alcohol problem, but you can tell that story and move on without needless repetition. Show the audience some respect. 2.7/5 stars

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