You know all those 007 villains who seduce and manipulate James Bond? Well this is the film that shows you the training and life circumstances that lead them to that point.

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  1. Dan Beeston November 5, 2018

    Imagine if La Femme Nikita had a gun that shot not bullets, but sultry eyes, glistening lips and yearning genitals. This film reads like a 14 year old boy’s private fanfic. And not an emotional healthy boy either. The story telling is a mish-mash of torture-porn, normal porn, and deus ex machina. The sad thing is there is a clever conceit and a decent storyline hidden deep within this cascade of lazy tropes and rape threats. The only thing going for it is Jennifer Lawrence in the nude, and if that’s your thing then I’m sure it’ll be on Mr Skin in a matter of weeks. Now excuse me, I need a shower. Ugh!

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