Guy is a regular guy who loves his life, loves his job, and loves spending time with his best friend Buddy. His idyllic routine is thrown into disarray when he finally meets the girl of dreams, only to discover he’s a background character in a video game that is about to be pulled offline.

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  1. Stephen Scott August 12, 2021

    It’s the sign of good movie that when the plot holes cascade to form a supermassive plot hole you just don’t care, as you’re having too much fun to take it seriously.

    Take the naivety of Benny in the LEGO Movie, add the A.I. revelations of Westworld, drench it with the “it’s a Ryan Reynolds movie, so it’ll have his silly sense of self-aware humour” factor, and place it in a mirror-universe where this is the worthy sequel to Tron, and you have the hugely enjoyable Free Guy.

    Go see it in a cinema ASAP before you hear the spoilers. Catchphrase. 4.1/5

  2. Peter Linning August 12, 2021

    Free Guy is easily the best (read: least cringe-inducing) movie to have videogames as a central focus, being accessible to mainstream audiences but never leaning too hard on well-worn stereotypes. There's a number of great gaming references, loving homages, and one of the best cameos in recent movie history (the upside of Disney owning every franchise). Ryan Reynolds brings a wonderfully expressive charm to the cheerfully oblivious Guy, with the bulk of the movie's laughs coming from his unblinking acceptance of the absurdities of his reality. A fair chunk of the screentime is dedicated to characters in the real-world, and while the movie doesn't suffer for it, you'll find yourself longing to get back to Guy's adventures in the game world. Free Guy is simple, light-hearted fun, but with enough heart to elevate it above being merely mediocre. 3.5/5

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