Jarod is the son of a preacher, but rather than being ‘the only man who could ever reach Aretha Franklin’ he’s instead much more interested in the company of gentlemen. In a misguided plan instigated by his parents, Jarod signs up for gay conversion therapy. It turns out not to be much fun.

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  1. On one level Boy Erased is a movie about the damage gay conversion therapy can do and if it was just that it would be a good movie. But what makes Boy Erased truly great is what it has to say about faith and when it's in conflict with personal and parental instincts. Lucas Hedges is solid as gay teen Jared Eamons but it's Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe who truly shine in their supporting roles as Jared’s parents. Each one is dealing with their faith and their son’s sexuality in their own respective ways, asking the question is it ever truly possible to love “the sinner” but hate “the sin”? While not an easy watch writer/director/actor Joel Edgerton manages to give justice to the true story of Garrard Conley and his family while also revealing the tragedy of gay conversion therapy in current day America.

  2. Dan Beeston November 1, 2018

    Gay conversion therapy seems like some horror from the fifties, like lynchings and sanitariums. Alas this is still occurring constantly in the USA. A deep fiery religious fervour clouds many minds as to how destructive and ineffective it has been proven to be. It’s this harrowing tale that hasn’t translated effectively to the screen. Side characters seem like plot deliver mechanisms. The stakes do not feel as high as they ought to. Viewers who connect strongly with the subject matter will have a different experience as there is a competency here but so far as storytelling goes it all turns out to be a little unsatisfying.

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