A guy with a suit that makes him practically invulnerable fights another guy in a suit that makes him practically invulnerable. Yes, it’s another a Marvel movie. Oh, and 99% of the cast is black. And 95% are women.

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  1. Stephen Scott October 29, 2018

    Empowerment just reached new highs - which is a good thing. This movie is going to inspire millions of downtrodden kids who've never seen anyone like them be the hero - not just non-caucasians, but also non-steroid-pumped-white-males. The women in this flick KICK SERIOUS ASS (physically and intellectually).

    Unfortunately a stellar cast and unique premise does not a movie make, and it's hard to be drawn in by the lacklustre story that doesn't take any great risks.

    There are many great themes touched on - the importance of traditions and when to bend or unfollow them, how to follow your moral compass even if it risks changing everything you believe in, the strength in self-belief - but when the ending is just the rehashed finale of Iron Man AGAIN the whole superhero flick concept just starts getting jaded.

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