American Made

What’s it about?
A morally flexible airline pilot is recruited by the CIA to fly over Central America. He ends of taking side deals with just about every party available and becomes a highly successful drug smuggler. But how long can he burn the candle at four/five/six ends?

What did we think?
Anthony Sherratt says: It’d be easy to describe American Made as a Tom Cruise mash-up. Flying with aviator sunglasses? Check. Being shown the money? Check. Flashing a cheeky smile and relying on charisma to get through tricky situations? Check! But while this based-on-a-true-story isn’t blockbuster material it is actually a fun romp combining political satire with larger than life antics that make you laugh AND engage you emotionally. Unexpected depth with nostalgic throwbacks makes this one stand out a bit.


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