Wonder Woman must reverse the spell cast by an ancient demigod to save the world from nuclear destruction. And to prove she is a wonder woman, she also has to walk in ridiculously high heels and fight an apex predator.

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  1. Stephen Scott December 23, 2020

    Be careful what you wish for is both the mantra of this sequel's storyline, and the expectations of the audience. Set your sights low and you'll be fine. How could this be? The original was superb! Aside from some atrocious overacting to confirm we are in the early 1980's, WW84's problem rests in a meandering plot and some outlandish concepts that ask us to stretch our ability of suspended disbelief to untenable heights.

    Sure it's a visual feast with terrific acting and some great stunts, but the story as a whole doesn't come together satisfactorily.

    BUT ... stay for the mid-credit scene and be rewarded with the best scene in the movie. It's worth 5 stars alone. The rest of it is just like a luke-warm cup of coffee.

    A despondent 2 stars.

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