Traversing European history with the origin story of The Kingsman independent spy agency, we weave our way from the turbulent times of the Boer War to the Great War as seen through the eyes of Orlando Oxford and his son Conrad.

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  1. Anthony Sherratt December 23, 2021

    I was very cynical when a prequel to the wonderful Kingsmen movies was announced. It seemed unlikely they’d be able to recapture the magic in a bottle a third time at all, let alone limit themselves by history with a prequel. And yet it may just be history that sets this one apart.

    The idea of setting it pre- and during World War 1 doesn’t hinder it all. In fact they embrace the known historical facts and provide hidden interpretations of them in an entertaining way as they build towards the creation of the organization we already know and love. Not a reimagining mind you, just a “yes that did happen but you didn’t realise the why of it” in a playful way which of course fits the tone.

    It still has the Vaughn/Kingsman frenetic fight scenes and innovative angles and manages a few surprises. Rasputin nearly steals the show - as all good bad guys should - but it never really pretends to be anything other than a mad romp.

    Not as good as the first two of course but surprisingly strong. Great fun.

    Four stars

  2. Stephen Scott December 22, 2021

    The prequel to The Kingsman series (which is being geared up to have multiple prongs: King's Man / Kingsman / Statesman) is the perfect example of stretching something to breaking point.

    The Kingsman featured a number of incredible sequences, notably 'the church', of which The King's Man doesn't come close (Rasputin's dance sequence and the finale hijinks are fun - but are not worth the ticket price alone).

    The fact I'm focussing on the action sequences as a reason to see the film is proof that it's just another 'meh' production based solely on heart rate.

    The story is hindered by attempting to fit in existing historical events and persons of note. Speaking of notes, there are too many musical motifs stolen from The Avengers.

    It's OK. We expect much more from Vaughn et al. Especially if this is meant to be the start of something.

    (A very generous) 3 out of 5 stars.

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