The eccentrically macabre Addams family wakes one morning to find the bland suburb of Assimilate has been built on their doorstep. Conflict looms when the suburb’s hostile developer, a real estate developer reality-show host with bouffant yellow hair and a loud mouth that spews forth hatred (remind you of anyone?), decides their gothic style must be replaced with something more palatable.

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  1. Stephen Scott December 2, 2019

    Don't be afraid - I mean, be afraid (that's what The Addams Family is all about) - but don't be afraid of Hollywood churning out ANOTHER origin story. For the first time on screen, we learn how this oddball family found their place in this world. And it's nice. It won't set the word on fire, but it's nice.

    Adults will rekindle fond memories and kids will like the stupidity of Pugsley constantly trying to blow up his father, Wednesday firing off her crossbow randomly into her Uncle Fester, and, um, spider dresses(?).

    It's nonsense done well; with a nice morality tale reminding you it's OK to be different. 3/5 stars

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