A group of people on a tropical holiday find themselves trapped on a beach that causes them to age rapidly

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  1. Elizabeth Best July 22, 2021

    After a clunky start involving way too much inexplicable exposition, Old really finds its pace, somehow managing to toe the line between truly unsettling horror/thriller and a moving family drama, so much so that it's created a new genre: Philosophical Horror.

    There are some parts of the story that sat uncomfortably with me, and there’s a large amount of wilful suspension of disbelief required (even when they 'explain' the science behind the magical time island).

    There’s also a surplus of camera spinning that had me feeling quite queasy. Nonetheless I was ultimately glued to and moved by the storyline.

    If you’re rating this against all other M. Night Shyamalan films it gets 4 stars, but against all other movies it gets 3.5 / 5

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