Fighters are gathered from across our realm to compete in an ancient, supernatural and limb-tearing tournament and try to stop bad guys from another realm from taking over our realm.

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  1. James Tinniswood April 29, 2021

    Good luck if you're coming to this without some familarity. (How do you feel about movies that use "realms"?) If you know exactly what you're getting into though, it is brutal fun.

    This is the Mortal Kombat movie I would have loved to see when I was 13 (but absolutely would have had to sneak into). The games' signature fatalaties get deployed in all their ridiculous, fire-roasting, head-splitting, spine-ripping glory.

    And Josh Lawson RULES as Kano: he's ocker, foul-mouthed and hilarious, and constantly reminds everyone in all realms to not take this so seriously.

    Definitely see it with an audience, if you can. 3 stars

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