In a post apocalyptic world that looks steam-punk but is probably actually ‘X-punk’ where X is the specific version of punk that involves smoke belching cities on tractor treads lumbering across the landscape eating other smaller but equally mobile townships. In that post apocalyptic world, a doe-eyed museum curator meets a powerful architect, the architect’s wilful daughter, a surly assassin, a sexy terrorist, an angry cyborg, a besequined slave trader… Yep, it’s one of those films. Buckle up!

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  1. Dan Beeston January 7, 2019

    “Epic” films like this can easily get caught up in their own hubris. As frenetic as the chase scenes can be, if they don’t have enjoyable humans to watch, it’s just a screensaver. Thankfully Peter Jackson cast some of the most charismatic humans on the planet. Robert Sheehan does a tremendous job dealing with the chaos. Hera Hilmar digs her hooks into your eyeballs and Hugo Weaving is at his best. Like all books crammed into movies there are a bunch of set pieces that make you think ‘I bet this bright and frantic scene was quite a compelling chapter that explained just why the heck this bright and frantic scene was in the story’. None-the-less it does what it sets out to do and it’s really enjoyable to watch the MacGuffins fall into place.

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