A group of immortal aliens who have been guarding humanity for thousands of years are forced to reunite when their ancient enemies – long-thought to be extinct – return putting the entire planet in danger.

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  1. Anthony Sherratt November 3, 2021

    It turns out not even Marvel can make a Justice League movie. Fitting an ensemble of heroes into a strong storyline - particularly when some of the characters are virtually indestructible - has long been the kryptonite of superhero filmmakers, and Eternals is no exception.

    It’s an interesting story of a group that is virtually a family, but never fully gels.

    Perhaps it’s the character’s literal lack of humanity (they each seem to have one primary emotion and little else), or the fact the script is almost constant exposition.

    Imagine an Avengers movie where every character has to be introduced, while also trying to tell a vast story, while also trying to capture the humanity while… well, you get the idea.

    It’s a shame because the ethnically diverse cast all put in good performances but they can’t overcome the predictability that robs Eternals of any gravitas.

    Visually sumptuous, Eternals doesn’t quite click. It doesn’t hit any real lows, but then again no real highs either. It’s OK. And we expect more from the MCU. 3.1/5 Stars

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