Jane Austen’s tale of a young woman whose matchmaking goes too far gets trotted out again – and it’s never looked better.

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  1. Amy Currie February 12, 2020

    This movie is everything an Austen adaptation should be. Director Autumn de Wilde doesn’t attempt to reinvent the story or characters - instead, watching the film feels very much like reading the novel itself. Picnics, parasols and romance abound, but Austen’s wry satire is the main attraction, and ‘Emma.’ is very, very funny.

    The slight ridiculousness of it all is heightened by a touch (just a touch!) of stagey, stylised Wes Anderson-ness. The cast is uniformly excellent, and leading lady Anya Taylor-Joy’s performance is particularly impressive. Don’t miss this one.

    Five bonnets out of five.

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