50 years after their first adventure launched in comic strip form, spatio-temporal agents Valérian and Laureline finally hit the big screen. In their debut cinematic story, the pair uncover a sinister plot to take genocide to a new level by wiping all knowledge of a peaceful civilisation from galactic history.

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  1. Stephen Scott October 30, 2018

    Strangely this reminds me of the original Star Wars AND the prequel trilogies at the same time. Like the 1977 classic, you are thrown head-first into a dirty universe, with no back stories to guide you. It’s an assault on your imagination, and a welcome one. Valerian’s universe is spectacular.

    Contrariwise, like the flawed prequels, you have to use your imagination to get over the unforgivable plot holes, bordering-on-the-offensive character inconsistencies, and the atrocious miscasting of Dane DeHaan as the (supposedly) womanising tactical genius Valerian.

    It’s still good enough to get four stars. Imagine how good it would have been with the appropriate swagger.

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