A family’s summer vacation turns to chaos when a group of doppelgängers begins to terrorize them.

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  1. Stew March 29, 2019

    First a heads up... US is NOT a horror film. If you head in expecting as such, you'll be sorely disappointed. What US is however, is a very well crafted Black Comedy/Drama that holds a mirror up to the audience and the concept of 'society' and 'place' (as in Peele's prior film Get Out). Themes that are begging to be taken away from the theatre, discussed and pondered in this increasingly fractured world. This film is relevant. Absorb it. 4/5

  2. Anthony Sherratt March 26, 2019

    Let’s get the inevitable comparison out of the way: Jordan Peele’s new movie is not as meticulously crafted as GET OUT. However, US is sumptuously disturbing in its own right. It is beautifully made with layered subtext and exposition that will stick with you for hours afterward. It intersperses tension with a surprising number of laugh-out-loud moments all while exploring free will and if the American dream is the same for all. And in a world of rampant xenophobia and racism, you’re left wondering whether the monster we should be fearing is wearing our own face. Thoughtful fun. 4.6/5

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