Decades after the original Top Gun, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is still flying jets rather than enjoying a career up the ladder or in politics. But his rebellious and instinctive nature continues to rankle the authority figures. On his last chance he’s sent back to the Top Gun facility but not to teach; instead he has to train the best pilots for a seemingly impossible mission.

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  1. Andrew Danyals May 23, 2022

    TOP GUN 2: all updated, all improved. Now with added Tom Cruise running.

    F*** yeah! This is better than any Top Gun fan would have hoped for. It's simply amazing. Best fight scenes ever, wonderful emotional callbacks to Goose with his son Rooster now being under Mav's tutelage but of course there's tension. But all we really care about is Maverick being the best of the best and flying like it's the 80s. 5/5

  2. Anthony Sherratt May 23, 2022

    Aside from a flimsy premise, Top Gun Maverick is nearly perfect. High-octane action, a mythology that builds on the first film, the best fighter plane action ever set to film and although some parts are predictable, this sequel is actually better than the original. It still plays on the cheesiness and in fact replicates quite a lot from the first film but has a lot more heart and the action scenes will take your breath away (a song that doesn't appear this time around incidentally).

    Tom Cruise's charisma shines through and kudos to director Joseph Kasinski for showing Cruise looking old in a few shots. There are certainly some unbelievable moments but it's such a high-speed ride you won't have time to think about anything except the fun.


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