At a crossroads in his life and with debts piling up, actor Nick Cage (Nicolas Cage) accepts a $1m offer to attend a wealthy fan’s birthday. What follows is a zany ride that includes a cartel, the CIA, kidnapping and a ride through some of Cage’s most famous roles.

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  1. Elizabeth Best April 22, 2022

    I can’t think of a movie or TV show where an actor plays a fictional version of themselves that I’ve not enjoyed, and this one is no exception.

    It’s a delightfully silly self-send up from Cage that is much smarter than it seems. Just as soon as you think you have a handle on what type of film it is, it’s hopped genres again. Arthouse character-driven piece? Buddy comedy? Action flick? Spy movie? Yes!

    Pedro Pascal and Cage bring out the best in each other with a truly endearing friendship in this joyous romp that has a surprising amount of heart.

    Nick Cage is back… not that he ever went anywhere. 4/5 stars

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