Thomas Anderson is a game designer, creator of the legendary Matrix trilogy of games. He’s seeing a therapist, he’s in a creative rut, and is basically a pretty glum dude. All that changes when he’s contacted by some bizarrely-dressed weirdos who tell him that his world isn’t everything it seems. It’s The Matrix again, basically.

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  1. Elizabeth Best December 22, 2021

    What begins as an enjoyable and witty meta venture back through the Matrix universe takes a sharp turn when the actual plot kicks in. It loses the sense of fun that it cultivated early on, descending into mixed metaphors about life and love and bringing back that familiar Matrix “hang on what’s going on and why?” Feeling.

    It’s largely entertaining but only in bursts. Better than 2 and 3 but doesn’t reach the heights of the original.

  2. Peter Linning December 22, 2021

    Resurrections starts strong with a fresh, funny, and genuinely interesting first act full of meta-commentary and fanservice, but quickly starts slumping once it starts re-treading the beats of the original movies.

    The plot becomes a disjointed and confusing mess, just a pile of ideas that was mashed into the rough shape of a movie and given a nice coat of paint. Most disappointingly for a franchise that spawned some of the most memorable action sequences in cinema, there’s not a single memorable fight scene in the entire movie, and the climax of the movie is a drawn-out and messy slog that you don’t watch as much as you endure.

    The problem with making a new entry in a franchise such as this is that it’s not enough to be good, a new movie would have to be great to live up to the hype. The Matrix Resurrections is okay at best.

    2 stars out of 5.

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