An American crime boss in London is forced to navigate a tangled web of colourful underworld figures in an effort to gracefully retire.

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  1. Peter Linning December 19, 2019

    The Gentlemen revisits the high-energy London underworld that Guy Ritchie first spun into existence over 20 years ago, and if you were a fan of Lock, Stock and/or Snatch, then it's a safe bet you'll enjoy this movie. The experience and maturity that Ritchie has gained since those early days are reflected in the attitudes of his absurdly well-dressed characters, striving for non-violent solutions and (admittedly profanity-laden) negotiation over direct confrontation. Surprising no-one, violent confrontation is just as inevitable and darkly funny as any of Ritchie's earlier entries in the genre.

    A slow-paced first act affords plenty of time to introduce the cast - special mention going to Hugh Grant's wonderfully sleazy PI, and Colin Farrell's boxing coach with a heart of gold - and while a few of the twists and turns aren't as twisty-and-turny as they want you to believe, the story keeps all of it's tangled storylines clear while still moving at a fair clip. It may not be anyone's favourite movie of the year, but it absolutely earns the big smile you'll have on your face by the time the credits roll.

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