In early 18th century England, a frail Queen Anne occupies the throne and her close friend, Lady Sarah, governs the country in her stead. When a new servant, Abigail, arrives, her charm endears her to Sarah.

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  1. Andrew Danyals January 8, 2019

    If Jane Austen wrote Mean Girls this would be the result. It's a satisfying and delightfully dark comedy that is absurd as it is cunning. If only the ending hadn't gone abstract after almost two hours of literal. It's this deliberate (and poor choice) search for ambiguity that lets what should have been a very good movie down. Not for everyone.

  2. Period costume dramas have a reputation as being stuffy, dry movies with proper British accents but The Favourite certainly is not. The plot seemingly fits the genre - being based on a true story set in the early 18th century focusing on the jockeying between two cousins to be in the favour of Queen Anne - but that’s only the beginning. Deborah Davis and Tony McNamara‘s script creates a comedic tone so dark it’s hard to tell if it’s actually comedic and the script is remarkably quirky. The Trio of performances at the films heart by Olivia Colman, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz manage to capture both the similarities and drastic differences between the three women. It's a "love it or hate it" kind of film. I loved it.

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