The undead terrorise a small town. No-one seems to feel terribly strongly about it.

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  1. Peter Linning September 20, 2019

    I'm not entirely sure what kind of tone Jim Jarmusch was going for with this movie, but I'm fairly confident that any defenders of the movie will be doing so due to a sense of loyalty to the cult director. The plot meanders through the most by-the-books version of a small-town zombie outbreak, with just enough unusual characters played by recognisable actors to give you the impression that something more interesting is going to happen at any moment. It doesn't.

    There's no interesting subversions of the genre, and most of the humour comes across as awkward rather than quirky. The characters themselves don't seem overly concerned about the undead, just as I was never terribly concerned about the characters. I'm not sure who this movie was supposed to appeal to, but it sure wasn't me.

    2 Stars

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