An intimate and personal look at the iconic trio, from their early success as teenagers through five decades of pop music success.

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  1. Peter Linning December 2, 2020

    This is a brilliant documentary for fans of the group, tapping into a wealth of archival footage and contemporary interviews to chart their development, with just enough historical context to entertain any non-fans who will be dragged along. The doco has a fairly short run-time, yet devotes a lot of attention to the nuts and bolts of the brothers' careers, instead of a more focused examination of specific highlights. The film has some genuinely fascinating insights surrounding the commercialisation and subsequent demonisation of disco, but these elements ultimately feel under-explored. As with most biopic documentaries, your enjoyment of the film will likely directly correlate to your appreciation of the Bee Gees - If you're a fan it's a must-see, but you'll still be pleasantly entertained if you're simply being dragged along.

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