Jumping straight into the second year of being Batman, our hero is caught up in a web that involves a series of murders, an alluring thief, a corrupt system and changing underworld that is mirroring the caped crusader’s masked antics. But will a broody but relatively inexperienced Bruce Wayne be able to keep up with pressure from every angle? Especially when it starts hitting close to home…

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  1. Anthony Sherratt March 2, 2022

    There's a lot to like about this reimagining of the caped crusader: the tonality and atmosphere is the best since Tim Burton's 1989 version, the fact we didn't have to sit through the origin story yet again, the very kinetic fight scenes, and a less-is-more attitude towards the gadgets and vehicles.

    The broody atmosphere and very strong performances provide for some real tension and interest in a nicely layered story. However, it's a story that is too loose and too long. Perhaps Warner Brothers is a bit jumpy after the Snyder Cut but even a first-year cinema student could tell you this needed tightening and by about 30-40 minutes. It would have turned a very good movie into a great one.

    A diehard comic nerd like myself might also not like an emo Bruce Wayne but Patterson did a great job when he was in the new-look cape and cowl. There are also some painful plotholes here and there and a genuinely unnecessary shadowed cameo late on, but to be honest, the overall experience was truly exciting. Paul Dano's Riddler was particularly impressive and I'm already looking forward to rewatching his face-to-face scene with The Bat again. 4.4 stars.

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