Gather ’round, boys and girls, and let’s pretend Terminators 3, 4, and 5 never happened. No really. Terminator: Dark Fate takes place immediately after the events of T2: Judgement Day. Seems that even though Skynet didn’t take over, those pesky robots are at it again in another form, and this time a human/robot hybrid is sent back to make sure no one (or thing) effs up the future.

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  1. Elizabeth Best October 31, 2019

    T2: NOW WITH ADDED WOMEN! And in 2019, that ain't a bad thing. In all seriousness, this new T... 3 For Real This Time I Guess? is great fun, recapturing all the things that made the second in the time travelling robot flick so thrilling. It does feel like a very similar movie at times, hitting many of the same marks as T2, and as such is kind of predictable. But who cares when there's awesome chase sequences, sweet CGI and the real Sarah Conner aka Linda Hamilton back on screen, kicking ass and being a sarcastic, implacable hero?! 3.5/5

  2. Anthony Sherratt October 31, 2019

    After the mixed showings of 3, 4 and 5, it's probably a wise move to just deny they ever existed and move to a more conventional 'third' movie. To be honest director Tim Miller and a babble of writers headed by James Cameron, play it pretty safe by giving us a good-but-not-great Terminator movie by the numbers. But they lace it with enough nostalgia and call-backs that we're happy to overlook the problems of the movie. What we're left with is a T3 you'll quite enjoy. Whether they'll be back again or not.

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