Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, the world asks “who will step up protect us?” while teenager Peter Parker just wants time off to tell a certain girl how he feels about her. Will Spider-Man accept the mantle to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever?

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  1. Anthony Sherratt July 1, 2019

    The strength of Peter Parker is that he's very down-to-earth and in the wake of the cosmic shenanigans with Infinity War, it's fitting that Marvel's Phase 3 winds down with a Spider-man movie definitively set in a world coming to terms with Iron Man's death and The Blip. While the story of an international field trip, is at face value, comedic and light, the depth of characterisation and of Peter struggling to balance his real life, love and his costumed responsibilities is moving and is the film's real core. An entertaining and fitting epilogue to Phase 3 but with some real bite in the two post-credit scenes.

  2. Stephen Scott July 1, 2019

    After the cluster-f*** mess of the last two Avengers movies (seriously they were awful) it's a relief that Marvel are back on track: telling entertaining stories.

    As someone who only read the occasional Spider-Man comic as a kid, Far From Home was packed full of twists and turns I didn't see coming. A knowledgable Spidey-Fan friend was surprised by twists from a different perspective, showing all levels of fandom were catered for.

    Not perfect, as there are a number of minor characters who just waste screen time, but the stylistic comedy nod to National Lampoon's Vacation is an added bonus. 3.6/5

    Oh, and my prediction for the next title in the series: Spider-Man: Homeless

  3. Peter Linning July 1, 2019

    Far From Home is a welcome palate-cleanser after the near-overload that was Infinity War - a little bit teen romance, a little bit road-trip comedy, and a heck of a lot of web-slinging action.

    Peter Parker getting pulled away from his school trip and into international superhero shenanigans is a serviceable enough plot, but the movie really shines when addressing Peter's (and by extension, the movie's) place in a post-Avengers world. This is an easy recommend for both die-hard Marvel fans, and anyone wanting to have a good time at the movies. 4/5

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