Buster Moon and his all-star cast of performers prepare to launch their most dazzling stage extravaganza yet all in the glittering entertainment capital of the world. There’s just one hitch: They first have to persuade the world’s most reclusive rock star – played by global music icon Bono, in his animated film debut – to join them.

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  1. Anthony Sherratt December 23, 2021

    Fans of the first SING will enjoy the sequel. Partly, because it’s pretty damn similar to the first but mostly because it’s really about the characters we grew to love the first time around. it’s a reasonably logical story progression that builds upon the first movie creating a world both adults and kids will enjoy.

    Full disclosure - I don’t like Bono so was somewhat dreading this flick. And yet even I got into this musical storyline revolving around an over-the-top space opera. Toe-tapping numbers and good humor provide good polish to a more-than-solid follow-up to the 2016 original movie.

    The all-star cast is solid, and the homage to musical theatre means it’s a colorful, sugar-filled Christmas treat. The only other criticism I can offer is that the trailer basically gives everything away but family movies are hardly known for a lack of predictability anyway. Not something that will stick with you, but you’ll enjoy the moment on your lips.

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