What’s it about? Good question. Zombies, I guess? Everyone in the city who’s not a zombie tries to escape the city, which consists of a police station, a spooky mansion, a spooky orphanage, and maybe three blocks of residential housing. A sinister pharmaceutical company is in the mix, but that’s really not important right now.

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  1. Peter Linning December 22, 2021

    A reboot of the long-running movie franchise that's based on the long-running game franchise, RE:WtRC is probably the best entry in the series, confidently stepping over the incredibly low bar set by its predecessors. Although it takes far too long to get going, the movie becomes a serviceable action-horror flick once it's rolling along. While it's obviously a low-budget affair, the cast and crew give it their best, resulting in a few stylish moments and more than a few genuine laughs.

    The movie's humour is actually a surprising strength, with it's faithfulness to the original games providing some chuckles for those in the know (Itchy Tasty anyone?), and some unintentional hilarity for the wider audience. The 1998 setting could have been ignored but instead becomes the source of some of the movie's best laughs.

    It's not a good movie but you're going to get exactly what you're expecting, and the cast and crew get points for trying their best. An additional half star because Tom Hooper has really nice arms.

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