Lifelong friends reunite for a party at Sydney’s Palm Beach.

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  1. Stephen Scott August 8, 2019

    Palm Beach is old school. Old school film making, old school dialogue, old school actors.

    You've seen these people before, heard this soundtrack (literally) ... if that's your sort of thing it's perfect. Comfortable.

    However it's nigh on impossible to connect with Bryan Brown's central character - a gruff workaholic (now retired to a life of luxury) who has everything: a multi-million dollar lifestyle, jet-setting friends, a doctor daughter, severe depression, and erectile dysfunction.

    The story develops slowly over the course of a week-long, non-milestone birthday celebration for the grumpy bastard, where he argues with his old friends, berates his prodigal son, laughs while drinking copious amounts of expensive champagne, and broods while everyone pairs off for yarns by the pool overlooking the exclusive northern beaches of Sydney.

    It's like watching a 1970's-style Australian movie: like a quality cast adaptation of a David Williamson b-grade play for cinema.

    There's no real crisis to care about, most of the characters are just there to focus on the pivotal core plot, and it's just ... well ... meandering fluff signifying nothing.

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