In the middle of nowhere, a man watches dozens of people living their lives, through their own eyes. When one unexpectedly dies, it is time for him to select the next soul to experience this thing called life.

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  1. Stephen Scott July 15, 2021

    Like Brokeback Mountain, Nine Days has a unique pace that draws you in, settles you down and slows your though process so you can delve into its complexly simple story with ease.

    How do you judge a life? Who has that right? The philosophical implications are just as huge as the psychological aspects of each of the protagonists: dealing with self doubt, self awareness, the fear of being judged, whilst all the time judging others.

    An introspective movie that will leave you analysing your own decisions and contemplate the actions of others. Also a magnificent discussion starter - be sure to watch Nine Days with someone you enjoy spending time with, because you'll be talking about it for quite a while. 4.4 / 5 stars

  2. Anthony Sherratt July 14, 2021

    It’s simple. If I tell you the plot is: “a group of souls are interviewed for the chance to be born” and you’re unsure then this movie isn’t for you. If you’re intrigued however then you will love this tender, genuine and heart-breaking film.

    Intelligent and wonderfully paced, you’ll be shocked to discover it’s a directorial debut piece, but Edson Orda has a huge future ahead if him if this quality continues. Thought-provoking with themes explored both bluntly and subtly, Nine Days is one of the best films I’ve seen in quite awhile. 4.6/5

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