1950’s Virginia: it was a simpler time, when a man could love a woman and a woman her man (so long as they had the same skin colour); and old, white, privileged men could exert their racist bigotry without fear of repercussion … until the US Supreme Court made a landmark civil rights decision and said it was OK to love the one you’re with (Loving v. Virginia).

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  1. Stephen Scott October 31, 2018

    2017's trio of harrowing reminders of segregation is a tender balance of Fences' stark reality and Hidden Figures' uplifting feel goodedness*. An unassuming, endearing romance, juxtaposed by ignorance and hatred; Loving confirms that love WILL conquer all, even in a court room (which takes a back seat to love story).

    Postscript: Thank goodness no-one judges people anymore on who or how they love. /sarcasm

    *this is now a word

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