Kate (Emilia Clarke) is a young woman constantly making selfish and bad decisions. Her selfishness is seeing her not only losing her way but all her friends as well. Then she meets Tom and she gets a glimpse of a new perspective on life but is it enough to drag her out of her disaster of a life? Or will her family troubles – particularly with her mother (Emma Thompson who also wrote the film) – complete the cycle of self-destruction?

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  1. Johanna Lyon November 7, 2019

    In an interesting mix of romance flick and self-help manifesto, our hearts are well and truly, authentically warmed by this story.

    Emma Thompson’s writing has so brilliantly bridged the gap between screen and audience, we get to actually feel what these characters feel: from the bitch of a sister at the dinner table to Kate’s (Emilia Clarke) frustration and humiliation of messing up another friendship.

    Massive props to Thompson for this beautiful ode to George Michael’s greatest hits, making it a Christmas movie and also getting away with playing a massive eccentric character whilst still being relatable. She is god.

    Shining moments include: ALL of the scenes between Kate’s boss, Santa (Michelle Yeoh), and her love interest for some of the sweetest, quirky, almost perfectly out-of-place moments in the film; some of Britain’s finest personalities coming out for cameo roles; and the film’s tender and respectful approach to the issues of Brexit and homelessness.

    4/5 Stars.

  2. Anthony Sherratt November 5, 2019

    If you're expecting a run-of-the-mill rom-com you're in for a surprise or two but they're pleasant ones. While some of the expected tropes are present, this comedy also touches on some more serious issues - albeit fleetingly. Combined with an ending focused on lessons learned rather than a stereotypical happy ending, Last Christmas is a movie with a lot of heart. And quite a number of laughs. 4/5

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