Criminal masterminds always dream about that “one great heist”, even in their twilight years.

So when the opportunity arises, these hard-of-hearing, incontinent, doddering widowers decide they’ve got nothing to lose, eventually pulling off the biggest jewelry robbery of the 21sr century. It’d be unbelievable if it wasn’t a true story.

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  1. Stephen Scott March 2, 2019

    There’s this German word with no English equivalent: Weltschmerz. It roughly translates as “the pain we feel knowing the world isn’t perfect, as it often fails to live up to what we wish it was”.

    We need an extension of this word for movies that have great credentials, but fail for a reason we sometimes can’t identify (although there are many reasons KoT suffers kuddelmuddel).

    Flashbacks of the pre-octogenarian crims could’ve been ramped up to give the movie an edge.

    Elevating the sense of difficulty, or even increasing the tempo of the funky jazz score may have raised the stakes and added much needed gravitas.

    Look, it’s OK. But with its credentials it should be a lot better. Go see it if you’ve got the sitzfleisch.

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