Scott is in a state of arrested development brought about the death of his firefighter father as a child, living with his mum, unemployed, and passing his days smoking weed. When his younger sister leaves for college and his mum starts dating a firefighter, it starts him on a journey of tentative personal growth.

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  1. Peter Linning July 16, 2020

    I wasn't hugely familiar with Pete Davidson from his stand-up or work on SNL, I was pleasantly surprised by how funny, intelligent, and emotionally honest this movie was. Co-written by Davidson with director Judd Apatow, the story closely parallels Davidson's own misspent youth (his father was firefighter who died on 9/11) and how depression and grief can manifest in atypical ways. 

    Like much of Apatow's earlier work, the movie is a drama that will have you laughing, not a gut-busting comedy. The relationships between the central characters avoid melodramatic highs and lows, the scenes that Davidson shares with Bill Burr (playing his mum's new boyfriend) being especially great. A number of small storylines and supporting characters help flesh out the lives of the main characters, but are given too much screentime without enough payoff.

    While it's definitely longer than it needed to be, The King of Staten Island is a really honest and emotionally realistic movie that manages to stay entertaining for the entire runtime.

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