The true story of Walter McMillian (Jamie Foxx), a black man on Death Row in Alabama, and the newly-minted defense attorney (Michael B Jordan) who believes in his innocence and works to appeal his murder conviction. Also, Brie Larson is there for some reason.


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  1. Peter Linning January 21, 2020

    If the synopsis sounds familiar, it's because this particular flavour of true story has been told an upsetting number of times already. This is more of an indictment of the US legal system than it is of the film itself, but I'll admit I wasn't exactly anticipating this movie to bring anything new to the table. While that may be the case, Just Mercy is the most finely-tuned version of this sadly familiar and frustrating narrative - it may not be anything new, but it's the best that this kind of movie can be.

    The two leads turn in strong performances, but the movie's greatest strength is in the time taken to develop it's supporting characters - particularly Rob Morgan as Herb, a death row inmate whose guilt is never in question, who turns in such a strong performance that he steals the entire second act of the film out from under Foxx and Jordan. The extra attention given to the peripheral characters does extend the running time a little more than feels necessary and leaves the conclusion feeling a little rushed. While I wouldn't call it a must-see movie, you won't be disappointed./

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