Three 6th graders ditch school and embark on an epic journey in their quest to learn how to kiss so they can attend their first cool-kids party. It’s a 12 year olds worst nightmare and greatest dream come true, depending on how you view the use of stolen property, illegal drugs, and being chased by college girls.

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  1. Anthony Sherratt September 18, 2019

    Look, this movie is wrong. It's simply having kids mimicking adults in a clueless way and putting them in adult situations and making them say inappropriate things. But it's incredibly funny. You will sit there thinking "I shouldn't be laughing". But laugh you will.

  2. Stephen Scott September 11, 2019

    Good Boys is the tween equivalent of the hilarious and suprisingly insightful BookSmart from earlier this year - this time a trio of tweens face the do-or-die quest to attend their first kissing party and therefore, achieve manhood. You remember that crucial moment in your life, surely.

    It's utterly stupid, pretty purile and had me laughing constantly. A great popcorn flick.

  3. Nick Bleeker September 11, 2019

    It's pretty much Superbad with kids.

    I don't know why I agreed to review this because I hate movies with kid casts, but, man, I'm glad I did. Good Boys manages to dish out a solid film that's got heart, cast chemistry and, most importantly, is actually funny.

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