Anna and Elsa’s adventures continue as they venture north to seek answers about the past and Elsa’s powers.

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  1. Anthony Sherratt December 10, 2019

    Making a sequel is always challenging. You either repeat the first formula and are criticised for the lack of growth, or you develop the characters and run the risk of the wrath of those who loved the first for what it was, I'm happy to say the Frozen sequel chose the latter path and picked up the characters three years later and not just as we left them. It's a surprisingly good story. Rich mythology building on characterizations from the last movie. I really enjoyed it up, until the end where it really didn’t go anywhere. Like hours of foreplay that just suddenly stops unexpectedly and that’s it: you enjoyed it but you’re left wondering ‘shouldn’t there be a bit more?’

  2. Amy Currie November 26, 2019

    While Frozen II isn't quite as good as its predecessor, it's still pretty damn good. The story is a little overstuffed, but the songs are solid, the animation is - not surprisingly - stunning, the royal sisters finally get to wear some trousers and the ending left me intrigued by the possibility of a Frozen III. That's pretty cool. 4 stars.

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