Freaky Friday, except it’s a serial killer (Vince Vaughn) swapping bodies with a teenage girl.

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  1. Elizabeth Best November 12, 2020

    Look I laughed more than I care to admit. Vince Vaughn does a great job of acting like a teen girl, but mega kudos goes to Kathryn Newton, who does psychotic killer face (and physicality) oh so well. More gore than we’ve come to expect from the Happy Death Day director so be prepared. As silly and enjoyable it was, there is a really off note when it comes to thinking about a middle aged white man being… erm… inside a teenage girl. And a teen boy realising he’s super into his gal pal at the moment she happens to look like an ageing Vaughn…Just don’t think about it too hard. 2.7

  2. Anthony Sherratt November 12, 2020

    It's a fun concept and director Christopher Landon serves up an entertaining movie despite it lacking the depth and sophistication of his previous Happy Death Day films. Instead we just get laughs, cringe laughs, jump scares and some gory kills that will either make you chuckle or squirm. It's good, mindless escapist fun and you will delight in Kathryn Newton acting like a creepy psychopath and Vince Vaughn as a teenage girl. Their impressive mannerisms actually make up for some heavy telegraphing and almost carry the movie alone. 3.5

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