Christian Bale and Matt Damon team up to build a racecar for the Ford Motor Company to compete against Ferrari at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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  1. Peter Linning November 20, 2019

    Ford v Ferrari is my favourite kind of "based on a true story" movie. It requires no advance knowledge of the people or events involved, it gave me some slick insights to a world I'm unfamiliar with, and was entertaining throughout. The story arc is fairly standard for the genre, but the two lead performances are so much fun to watch that you don't mind. Christian Bale is especially good in a surprisingly comic turn as the hot-tempered racecar driver Ken Miles, and he and Matt Damon (playing automotive engineer Carroll Shelby) have great chemistry together.

    You don't have to know anything about racing or even cars to enjoy the movie, it serves as a great little period piece that hits its marks at every turn.

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